She's write for you.

A unique professional background laid the framework for Andrea to utilize her experience to pursue her fancy for the written word. How does a former fashion and beauty industry veteran transition into becoming a writer? By simply writing, and writing some more.

Andrea's natural quick wit and articulate verbal communication easily translated to articulate written communication, storytelling, creative writing, and editing. Andrea readily took to copywriting in the corporate realm by generating copy for corporate brochures, newsletters, marketing materials, and business materials, as well as generating social media copy and proofreading materials prior to final release. 

A natural with clients and meeting deadlines, Andrea applies her 20+ year experience of client outreach and 98% client retention rate to ensure all projects are completed with quality and professionalism - and prior to the deadline to allow for peace of mind. 

That kind of work ethic is how she achieved a million-dollar client network through service and performance. Andrea understands the value of time and the delivery of quality work and excellence. 

She's write on time. 




Social Media & Marketing